Call me singularity 5

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Call me singularity 5.

Silkscreen print on paper.

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All dots, drops and lines are made by paint dripping through the pump onto the moving surface. The impression of dripping waves of curved lines around the dish appear as a result of the interaction between tow paint solutions of differing consistency. This is of key importance. if the consistency and the thickness of the paint solution is not in balance there is a risk that the colours will blur into each other or won't slip enough along the clay surface, which is crucial for the symmetry and the contrast of the intended pattern.

Complicated as it may sound, the method itself is quite simple - simple but ingenuous. It is the result of decades of searching for the perfect formula aimed at both enriching the repertoire of techniques and also freeing the already difficult craft of the potter from an an accumulation of unnecessarily complicated or outdated methods of work.

Following this short explanation, let me take you back to my analysis and explore the semantic code for the object of my discussion.

Looked upon from this perspective, the rosette strikes us with its ephemeral, almost immaterial geometry, fixed in the sacral space of the eternal becoming. It resembles those nebulae we admire in the night sky, obvious to the fact that we are looking upon an illusion. Their light was emitted thousands of years before Earth came into beging after all. The creator of our rosette - an ordinary craftsman form the potters' guild - somehow intuitively found a way out of the monotonous routine of traditional practice. He dared to dream, create and experiment, leaving the comfort zone of conventional methods and accepting the challenge and fate of an explorer to do away with traditional norms an regulations; for that matter, the Dutch artist Rob Scholte states - "The true nature of art is to change what you expect out of it.".

The periphery of the plate has an additional decoration which encircles the rosette without limiting its motion. It consists of rows of rhythmic, playful lines, decorated with black drops aligned like beads at the rim of the plate. Each black drop has a white dot in the middle, which stabilizes its movement dow towards the centre of the plate. The other shapes are fixed between these basis parameters which make up the whole image.

Ivan D. Dobrev

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