Strangers to Ourselves

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Strangers to Ourselves.

Strangers to Ourselves is een bijzonder uniek kunstobject gemaakt van keramiek en in prachtige kleuren geglazuurd.

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The slipware technique used in Troyan ceramics is the mirror image of our congenital craving for motif in Troyan ceramic derives from the motion inherent in it.

They are symbols which seemingly ceased to function as much, simply because they had revealed their true nature the technique which created them, in somewhat direct and primitive way, thus converting the power that had created them into an artistic image. Based on this principle, the patterns of the Troyan ornamentation are with the technical structure and material of the object. Therefore the working materials have a considerable effect and influence the outlook of the image. As A result, due to the slipware technique, Troyan patterning always conveys a kind of momentum of captured snapshot motion. Because of this quality it retains the tendency for motion as its fundamental reality, its quintessential feature.

The Motion tendency is contained in the sign, motif or figure even after it has achieved the desired effect and has completed its function. Thus, the Troyan ornament is not intentionally constructed conceptualized or limited in its artistic image. As a symbol devoid of its signified, it is bound, subordinate, and dependent only on the technology in which it originates. This quality automatically makes it universal, able to adapt and integrate following an artist's idea and way of expression.

Ivan D. Dobrev

Extra informatie

Afmetingen 30 × 30 × 100 cm


3 tot 5 werkdagen


Keramiek / Ceramic


1 Origineel / Uniek

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