Sophia was born in Munich the 13th of april 1987. She grew up in a cultural varied surrounding and was one of six children in a kind of commune, situated in the outback of Munich. She showed her interests in realistic reproduction of forms and figures from the age of 12 and drawed a lot. After her a-level in 2006 she went to London to improve her English. Back in Germany she did a hotel education at Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

In 2010 her studies for Autonome Kunsten at ABK Maastricht started which she joined for three years. During this time her interests in the gap developed, as well as water as fundamental livelihood and the forms of water and time. Again and again she is driven by the opposite (as in the mirror or a person) and what kind of effects men have towards eachother.

Sophia Kirst
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The questions of the essence of the inbetween or the gap is forcing her towards the search for a form that is not able to exist – while we are able to feel it.

Sophia lives in the south of Germany, next to the mountains. She mostly works with water and dyes on divers materials.

Her Oevre was first influenced by nature, Bill Viola and Wolfgang Goethe. Nowadays is random Instagram scrolling important for her work, as well as the work of Jonas Burgert and Katharina Grosse.